The Wire (UK) writes

You might expect beady-eyed alertness and fierce discipline, and so it is - no drooling freak folkery from Spunk, in spite of their mushroom-styled album title. Their speciality is a kind of car-chase excitement combining acoustic instruments, most noticeably Grenager´s foot-to-the-floor cello, with confidently acrobatic electronics. "Bipolarity" is a well sustained example: a buid-up where the cello sounds like running shoes hitting the pavement, then into a hectic race. "Eaten" has a funfair quality, tearing along in a ghost train, or maybe that squelching sound indicates we are tunnelling through an intestine. Tafjord´s held notes on French horn open up orchestral vistas. The tension between sustained tones and racing impulse is very fine, creating an epic feel also found on the opener "Tremble"... "Music has to be strong", says Ratkje. While not exactly a macho release, "Kantarell" is a fierce one, and its virtues lie in its careening energy and and tight grip on the steering wheel.

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